So Good To Be Home

After being cut off from the world for the sake of a medical education, I’m finally home, even if it’s just for three short weeks. I am going to be doing some intensive blogging to make up for all the time that I’ve lost.

So HELLO again.



I just wanted to say sorry that I haven’t posted in a while,  and I probably won’t post till next weekend because I have exams and I really have to study so pls bear with me.

YouTube Obsessions

I have become completely obsessed with Screen Junkies. The have the most hilarious trailers, especially when you get to the ‘starring’ portion(if you grab the reference). Some of the trailers might be slightly annoying if you are a serious fan, but the rest will have you cracking up. Enjoy.

An Ideal of Hope

This is a song I listen to whenever I have an internet connection. The highs and lows of the song, are perfect to me. And the title is my personal message, to remind me to never give up, to always continue, to be myself.

A world that is accepting of me fully as I am is not yet a reality, but I won’t stop being me. I’ll stay until there is one.

And just like the Oscar speech by Graham Moore “Stay different,stay weird” Our turn is just around the corner.


I’m currently halfway through a Glee marathon and in the ‘Diva Off’ in S04 there’s something Kurt said that stuck with me, a Diva is not afraid to be unique.
Today, the term Diva is reserved mostly for those who are rude, brash and entitled (Exception to this rule is Queen Bey obvs).
But I like what Kurt said, even Miss Pillsbury agrees. Don’t be afraid to be unique and different. That’s what separates you from everyone else in this world where conformity is what is reigning.



David is my name and Sorbet is what I wanted to name my restaurant and more than a dozen other projects I planned for the future, when I was in high school.

I still use it because the dream hasn’t died. It may have faded a little in the face of modern day reality but it definitely has not died.

Today a lot of people, push aside their dreams in favour of earning potential, and that’s not wrong, but to complete forget those things that made you you, is not something I would do.

Wednesday Wonderfuls- 10 tunes to make you smile

Definitely like no.2

The Art and Design of KeithMikeTom

Ten Tunes to make you smile

Listen in

Wednesday is hump day – It’s not quite near the weekend and its been a while since the weekend. It may be payday tomorrow or Friday, or in three weeks, but Wednesday is generally unremarkable. I have my last Prosperous Heart class tonight, so I need a song or two to make me smile. Music can tell you a lot about a person and these songs say a lot about me, and a lot about today, and a bit about how I am feeling, if you can read into them. They make me smile, and not in a way you may expect…so without further ado…

1. Milk – Garbage

You *may* think this unusual, however this song is one of my faves, and it makes me feel very secure. None of us are perfect, by any means, and this song says just that to…

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I consider every small positive change in a person’s mindset about prejudice and hate, to be a victory for all the ‘little’ people (who are in no way little). People who have been beaten down by society, emotionally and sometimes physically, but refuse to give up. People who stand tall and proud, and are not afraid of saying “I am who I am”, without a care for who is shouting them down. Every single changed thought process towards acceptance of everyone as who they are and nothing else, not who the world wants them to be, is what I consider a victory.