What To Do

I have been using the HTC One X for a while now (Since the end of February) and I can honestly say that the phone is absolutely horrible. Basically a week after I got it, the stupid phone fell flat on its face, and the screen cracked. Immediately the phone began to seize.
Now, this new phenomenon I could live with, but when I played music, it would just randomly stop and start again, it was very annoying. Then the phone started sending me notifications that storage was full, so I deleted a lot of my apps to free up space but the stupid phone continued in its usual pattern. A long while later the phone fell again and miraculously the seizing stopped and I could once again enjoy my music obstacle free. I made the error of relaxing, because after that I couldn’t update the apps that were left. But I pushed on hoping to be rid of the device by this month before I started a new school year.
Getting home after an annoying school extension, with my holiday reduced from 3months to 3wks, I discovered that there was usable WiFi in my house (happy face). Surprisingly the phone which had refused to update up till now automatically updated all my apps. With the entrance of the improved apps came the return of the stupid seizing. This was okay with me as I still had the aforementioned hope. But upon discussion with the rentz I am no longer sure of that hope.
See me here with my eyes looking at the Galaxy S6, always praying under my breath, and they tell me I might have to make do with what I have, so I begin to look low budget and the Motorola X Style makes a good impression, then I see that they don’t ship to Nigeria, which is another bullet to the heart.
So now the search is on with renewed fervour, to find a budget phone that has a good sized screen, doesn’t feel chunky or cheap, with at least full HD display, no less than 2 GB of RAM, sensible internal storage or the option of expandable storage, good browsing experience and battery life, and most importantly an amazing camera to satisfy my selfie obsession.
Suggestions are very welcome.


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