Body shaming is a horrible practice that I believe is carried out by people who are physically insecure and think the only way to feel good about themselves is to make others feel horrible. The practice in and of itself is disgraceful, but when it is carried out by the very people who gave you life, who are supposed to provide you with unconditional love and support resort to such tactics it takes it to a whole new level.
I am currrently experiencing this and what annoys me is that I’m trying but nothing seems to work. It’s not like I eat everything in sight, I just put on eeight like a balloon (for the record I am not that fat i.e as a balloon).
So my point is if you have the best interests of those who you are trying to help at heart, some encouraging words go a long way instead of insukts causing the person to sink into his/her shell, or develop self esteem issues.
A little encouragement and support goes a long way.


Your pillar

If you have read my post I’ve been set ADRIFT this will be much easier to understand.
During that trying period, my parents were pissed off (this was expected), but one of them i.e my mum was just totally out of proportion. I mean this is the person I could always count on to support me, no matter what happened.
But this was a new and unwelcome side of her personality that to this day I wish I had never seen, because those few weeks have as far as I am concerned ruined the relationship we had built and has put an end to future development. Don’t get me wrong I still love her, but we are just broken.
The whole issue is that she (actually both of them) refused to see that the change was also tough for me. I mean, I had been chasing the same dream for 4yrs, most of my secondary school classmates had graduated (posting pics on Facebook like “Thank God for seeing me through the last four years” choking sound). I’ve changed schools so many times it has become difficult keeping up with who knows what and who doesn’t.
She’ll be telling me things like “if I were you I’d stay in my room for a week thinking about my life” as if I was too stupid to see what was in front of me or understand the situation I was in. It was just so annoying. (It was actually during one of these phone conversations that I threw my phone at the wall in anger). There was actually a period when we were talking and I was just weeping (like red eyes bawling) in my friends room.
What really annoyed me was that she was supposed to be in my corner. She was like my pillar of support and when I literally needed her the most she collapsed. Now I know people might say “God should be your pillar” and He is, but my physical support system failed and if not for my spiritual support I also would have crumbled.

Impromptu Flashmob

We all know that feeling. When you are walking down the street with both ears plugged, listening to some ‘bangin’ music, and all of a sudden your body just begins to move of its own accord, then you begin to wish you could actually dance and just have a group of people join you for a flashmob. Sometimes I wish I had the app from the Disney movie ‘Zapped’ so that all the cool boys around me would have no choice but to ‘get down on it’.
How do you feel when you listen to music?

Mental Talk

The conversations we have with ourselves when we try to make decisions. If we go by this, then we are all a little mad, because seriously, hearing a voice in your head is weird enough, but arguing with it, that is a whole new brand of crazy right?
But we all  do it. Some may be aware of it, others not so much. But we have to accept that it’s a normal part of our lives, the constant back and forth with your mind, conscience or whatever it is that dwells in your head.
Now there are some people whose personal arguments take place solely in the realm of the subconscious,  but there are others whise arguments pass the boundaries of their mind, and leak into the physical. For these people,  the casual observer might see them as off their rockers, but to those with a keen eye, we know what they are going through (provided the leakage is not excessive).
The trouble comes when trying to separatd those having a legitimate mental argument from those who are unfortunately no longer mentally with us.
So good luck dividing the sane from the insane 😉