Mental Talk

The conversations we have with ourselves when we try to make decisions. If we go by this, then we are all a little mad, because seriously, hearing a voice in your head is weird enough, but arguing with it, that is a whole new brand of crazy right?
But we all  do it. Some may be aware of it, others not so much. But we have to accept that it’s a normal part of our lives, the constant back and forth with your mind, conscience or whatever it is that dwells in your head.
Now there are some people whose personal arguments take place solely in the realm of the subconscious,  but there are others whise arguments pass the boundaries of their mind, and leak into the physical. For these people,  the casual observer might see them as off their rockers, but to those with a keen eye, we know what they are going through (provided the leakage is not excessive).
The trouble comes when trying to separatd those having a legitimate mental argument from those who are unfortunately no longer mentally with us.
So good luck dividing the sane from the insane 😉


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