EU referendum

I know it’s a little weird me weighing in on this but it affects me as well. (as to how seriously it affects me we won’t know until the decision is made)
The EU referendum vote has been decided for June 23, and although I won’t be able to vote, I do have a say.
My mum says it’s funny how interested in the topic I am, but it affects my future.
I took an online test the day before yesterday and it said I’m an ‘internationalist’, that I prefer to globe hop and would be more fulfilled in a career that lets me do so. But my plan has always been to relocate to the UK, and if they vote to leave the EU, what happens then?
My thinking, as simply as I can put it without dipping my toes into uncharted economic waters, is that they are better in than out.
Take the tripod stand for example and use that as the EU, but it has 27 legs, take away one leg, it can still stand, not as comfortably as before, but stable. But that one leg that is removed has to undergo some serious conformational changes before it can stand on its own, and during that period of adaptation, it’s just there.
I’ve been reading a summary of both sides of the argument as provided by ‘Dods’ and ‘BBC’ and it seem that a lot of people are in the remain camp. But a lot can happen between now and June.
So on that day I hope public opinion and saner heads are in the same position I am, ‘Remain’.


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