Bucket lists

A lot of people have bucket lists either consciously or unconsciously. We all have that thing we all want to do before we kick the bucket (see what I did there).
But how many people actually complete their bucket lists, I believe if a survey were to be carried out the number would be shockingly low.
So what prevents us from doing these things, is it fear, procrastination or some other life problem. The point is a lot of us as we progress through life lose that spark of wonder that we were full of during our youth. I know that life is hard (definitely not more than most, but more than a lot of people), but is that enough for us to acclimatise to the status quo, of wake, work, eat, and sleep. Why do we shut off that search for adventure?, replace it with the dull drone of general movement.
We have lost the understanding, that it’s that spark, that sense of wonder, of adventure, that sets us apart, that makes us unique.
I’m still searching for what it is that makes us lose it, while at the same time hoping that I don’t lose mine.


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