I have a sadist for a lecturer. There is a rule in my school, that if you don’t make up to 70% attendance, you aren’t eligible to sit for the exam. Now this rule is not enforced, but he wants it to be. So if it is a group of people won’t be able to write the exam, therefore they fail, therefore they carry over the course.
And since they are in a new level, they might not be able to make it for the carry over classes which means they don’t make the minimum attendance, and they can’t write the exam.
It’s a vicious cycle that keeps repeating until this group of students have an extra year added to their course.
I’m all for discipline, but isn’t this too much? I always thought a lecturer should wish the best for his students, but not him.
He is like totally all round annoying. He has his notes in power point, but he refuses to give us the soft copy, and he just keeps clicking ‘next slide’, never giving us time to finish writing.
I have never seriously given a lecturer a bad rating before, but come June I will.


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