#AtoZchallenge – Bullying

My dictionary defines bullying as
1.An act of intimidating  a weaker person to do something, especially such repeated coercion .
2.Persistent acts intended to make life unpleasant for another person.
I am surrounded by bullies (i.e self proclaimed), at least emotionally. Although it is mostly joking, sometimes it hurts.
Right now I and my friends are discussing real bullying, and the many forms it takes. It could be physical, emotional, social or otherwise.
We admit that all forms of bullying are bad, we agree that emotional bullying (according to us) is the worst.
I agree because the signs are, not visible or they could be misconstrued for introverted, while the person is dying inside.
I don’t have the literary grace to wax long about this, but my stand is clear this is wrong and it should stop.


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