#AtoZChallenge – C is for Church, Choir, Competition…..

The letter C is the beginning of 8,036 words (this ignores the start of c in the dictionary) according to Yahoo answers, and I could only think of three to talk about.
Church to me is a gathering of people all interested in worshipping God in a collective, orderly manner and place.
1 Corinthians 12:27-28 talks about us(Christians) being the church. That means the church is not a building but a person, not one person but all who have accepted the message of Christ into their hearts, they are the church. With that knowledge and acceptance there is peace and joy and happiness, to be found in the church i.e in ourselves. And when I say ourselves I don’t mean all the eastern philosophy of finding inner peace, or centering yourself, I mean Christ in us.
I have spoken about the choir before here, and it is one of the most amazing experiences of my life. It truly is a joy to be among all those people. And best of all (after months of begging and pleading and attempted bribery) I manage to convince two of my friends to audition, and I’m just getting news that they got in.
This evening I’m going for an audition (singing obviously) for a competition created by a member of my choir, and I don’t think I’ve experienced jitters this bad. I know I’ve won a competition in my former school, but the talent here is daunting. But I read an article yesterday about how Olympians and Marines train their minds to handle any situation, and the number one rule was always speak positively to yourself. So I’m going to go there confident (albeit shaky but still there) and give the best that God has given me.


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