#AtoZChallenge – E is for Endurance

Endurance, my dictionary defines it as
1.The measure of a person’s stamina or persistence.
2.Ability to endure hardship.
I personally prefer the second definition. I have not face the type of things a lot of people might call ‘hardship’, but I believe I have had my fair share of issues.
Recently I was moved by something my best friend told me “just because it took you longer than everyone else does not mean you’ve failed”. This is an example of one of those quotes that make you remember that there is a goal to be achieved, and just because it is taking longer than planned, is no reason to quit. I know this is an overused example but it took Thomas Edison what I believe to be 1000 trues before he developed the first light bulb. If he had given up, we would have used oil and wood for a much longer period.
It’s cliche, but never give up, no matter how hard it seems.


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