#AtoZChallenge – I is for Innocence and Innovation

In some ways Innocence and purity are interchangeable English words as they have similar connotations.
These days we are constantly bombarded with so much information, that there isn’t really a way to filter everything.
The people I’m concerned about are the young ones, whose minds are like sponges, that soaks up everything around it.
No if we as adults, can’t fully filter everything that is thrown our way, how much less those who haven’t even developed the ability to discern.
Innovation is the driving force of the future. There was a time when it was looked on as pointless or witchcraft or a departure from the Christian faith. But now it is encouraged, everywhere.
And because things like Kickstarter and Indiegogo exist, people who have an idea can source for the ability to bring those ideas to life.


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