#AtoZChallenge: A is for American Idol

The farewell season of American Idol has just concluded, with Trent Harmon being crowned the last winner over La Porsha.
I as an individual feel both happy and sad. Happy that someone’s dreams came true, and sad that the person was not La Porsha.
I almost bet on La Porsha the night before the final, because her talent was just breath taking (that is not to say that Trent didn’t also have talent, I just supported La Porsha)
This afternoon when I told my friend who won, he asked me “what did you expect?, they can’t let a black person win the last round”
I personally don’t think the winners choice was racially motivated, but we are a historically maligned people, so I can understand his POV.
But through it all I congratulate Trent Harmon on his win, and hope that La Porsha finds her footing because she is just that good.