Blind talent

I have this friend. Let’s call him X. And he is one of the most annoying human beings on the planet. Not character wise though, in that regard he is a doll.
But what annoys me is his inability to accept a compliment about his creative talent.
I personal think that they broke the mold when they made him. But no matter how many times you tell him he refuses to see it.
I mean he can draw, design, dance. Things I wish I could do but unfortunately I can’t.
To me he is the type of person who should be at Parsons or Juilliard.
One time for fun we even checked Juilliard tuition fees and fantasized about how fun it would be to go there.
The sad thing is I think he is an example of what happens to the creative flame that exists when we were kids. Some kids have parents who fan these flames into a roaring fire for all to see, while others cover it with the wet towel that is their reality. But they need to realise that their reality is gone, the reality of today is a reality that is accepting of art and of life.
This reminds me of what I was thinking about when I wrote Bucket lists
Every time, I make personal effort to fan those flames that seem to be dying before my eyes, because I believe it is one of the saddest things, when a person is unable to achieve their full potential because of lack of support.


Mid life crisis

By next month I would have spent two decades and a year on this blue, green, and brown planet we call earth.
This is not cause for celebration, apart from the fact that I can now drink in every sensible country in the world(not that I drink๐Ÿ˜…). But that is beside the point. I have realised that I’m in the same age decade as Adele, Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber, and others, and I’m here twiddling my thumbs like.
It’s an annoying revelation because this is totally deviating from my plan. This m supposed to have been on the assigned path, with the goal clearly in sight, but we seem to have taken several detours and a U-turn , so much so that the goal is no longer visible.
But we hope that it is not too late to return to the original path, or at least a proper path to the goal.
Fingers crossed ๐Ÿ™

Bucket lists

A lot of people have bucket lists either consciously or unconsciously. We all have that thing we all want to do before we kick the bucket (see what I did there).
But how many people actually complete their bucket lists, I believe if a survey were to be carried out the number would be shockingly low.
So what prevents us from doing these things, is it fear, procrastination or some other life problem. The point is a lot of us as we progress through life lose that spark of wonder that we were full of during our youth. I know that life is hard (definitely not more than most, but more than a lot of people), but is that enough for us to acclimatise to the status quo, of wake, work, eat, and sleep. Why do we shut off that search for adventure?, replace it with the dull drone of general movement.
We have lost the understanding, that it’s that spark, that sense of wonder, of adventure, that sets us apart, that makes us unique.
I’m still searching for what it is that makes us lose it, while at the same time hoping that I don’t lose mine.

EU referendum

I know it’s a little weird me weighing in on this but it affects me as well. (as to how seriously it affects me we won’t know until the decision is made)
The EU referendum vote has been decided for June 23, and although I won’t be able to vote, I do have a say.
My mum says it’s funny how interested in the topic I am, but it affects my future.
I took an online test the day before yesterday and it said I’m an ‘internationalist’, that I prefer to globe hop and would be more fulfilled in a career that lets me do so. But my plan has always been to relocate to the UK, and if they vote to leave the EU, what happens then?
My thinking, as simply as I can put it without dipping my toes into uncharted economic waters, is that they are better in than out.
Take the tripod stand for example and use that as the EU, but it has 27 legs, take away one leg, it can still stand, not as comfortably as before, but stable. But that one leg that is removed has to undergo some serious conformational changes before it can stand on its own, and during that period of adaptation, it’s just there.
I’ve been reading a summary of both sides of the argument as provided by ‘Dods’ and ‘BBC’ and it seem that a lot of people are in the remain camp. But a lot can happen between now and June.
So on that day I hope public opinion and saner heads are in the same position I am, ‘Remain’.