What do I blog about today?

I watched the trailer for the Danish Girl with Eddy Redmayne and I was totally blown away. The guy has boatloads of talent and then I  put on the tv and “I am Cait” is on E! and her struggle is so visible. It speaks to me as the general struggle for all of us to be accepted for our individuality, but instead we gang up against people who are seen as different, and I hope than soon we can move past this to become a more open and accepting people.


An Ideal of Hope

This is a song I listen to whenever I have an internet connection. The highs and lows of the song, are perfect to me. And the title is my personal message, to remind me to never give up, to always continue, to be myself.

A world that is accepting of me fully as I am is not yet a reality, but I won’t stop being me. I’ll stay until there is one.

And just like the Oscar speech by Graham Moore “Stay different,stay weird” Our turn is just around the corner.

The World Today

Man stabs people at gay pride march in Jerusalem for second time.

In this day and age where tolerance is preached from on high and one of the leading world powers in a landmark declaration, recently made personal preference legal. Why then would a human being resort to such base acts of human criminal nature, to stab innocent, unsuspecting people, who were out celebrating pride and justice and their identity.

Such crimes should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

Is it too much to ask for a world where we can all live in peace, as our true selves, without having to hide both from the law and our fellow man. All we want is peace.