Jordan Smith

I know I haven’t posted any YouTube related content in a while, but here is one.
From the vocal styling of the latest Voice winner, comes this emotionally moving songs that speaks to transparency and honesty and being who you are.
“because the greatest risk we’ll ever take is by far to stand in the light and be seen as we are”
Watch “Jordan Smith – Stand In The Light (Official Video)” on YouTube


What do I blog about today?

I watched the trailer for the Danish Girl with Eddy Redmayne and I was totally blown away. The guy has boatloads of talent and then I  put on the tv and “I am Cait” is on E! and her struggle is so visible. It speaks to me as the general struggle for all of us to be accepted for our individuality, but instead we gang up against people who are seen as different, and I hope than soon we can move past this to become a more open and accepting people.

Wednesday Wonderfuls- 10 tunes to make you smile

Definitely like no.2

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Ten Tunes to make you smile

Listen in

Wednesday is hump day – It’s not quite near the weekend and its been a while since the weekend. It may be payday tomorrow or Friday, or in three weeks, but Wednesday is generally unremarkable. I have my last Prosperous Heart class tonight, so I need a song or two to make me smile. Music can tell you a lot about a person and these songs say a lot about me, and a lot about today, and a bit about how I am feeling, if you can read into them. They make me smile, and not in a way you may expect…so without further ado…

1. Milk – Garbage

You *may* think this unusual, however this song is one of my faves, and it makes me feel very secure. None of us are perfect, by any means, and this song says just that to…

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